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Branding Methods for Clothing  (Scroll down for guidance on which to choose.)

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Branding Methods for Clothing

We have various methods for branding garments. Here are the most popular. If in doubt, please send us your design and let us know the approximate size and quantity so we can advise. A vector file is usually best if you have it e.g. .eps, .ai, .svg, .wmf or one of these inside a pdf file.

Versacamm Transfer Printing (single colour)

Text & graphics are contour cut out of highly durable T-shirt vinyl, the excess material is weeded out manually & the transfer is then heat pressed onto the garment.

  • Available in white and a wide range of colours
  • Perfect for small to medium sized orders
  • Personalisation (e.g. names) is possible
  • Min 1-2mm line thickness required for cutting
  • No minimum order

Versacamm Transfer Printing (multi-colour)

Designs are printed in full colour onto transfer material then contour cut to shape. The excess material is weeded out & the transfer is then heat pressed onto the garment.

  • Photographic quality
  • Perfect for small to medium sized and multi-colour orders
  • Needs a definite edge for cutting
  • Min 1-2mm line thickness required for cutting
  • No minimum order

Screen Printing

Ink is squeezed through a stencilled mesh ‘screen’ only in the areas of your design. The ink is then cured and tunnel dried for good durability.

  • Perfect for larger orders because of higher set up costs but lower unit costs
  • Soft feel
  • Fine detail is possible but avoid tints and shading
  • A screen is needed for each print colour, variation and side of the shirt so colourful designs can have a high set up cost
  • White vs Coloured Garments: An extra ‘base’ print and screen is required per side for good opacity on dark garments which is included in the ‘Screen printing (coloured garments)’ price. This is not required for white garments (or for black ink on coloured garments).
  • Minimum 25 garments


Designs are converted (‘digitised’) into a stitch programme which guides the needle on multiple commercial embroidery machines.

  • Digitising is a one-off cost, only payable on the first order
  • Very durable and attractive
  • No extra cost for multi-colour designs
  • Personalisation (e.g. names) is possible
  • Price bracket is dependent on number of stitches in the design so large or solid designs are more expensive
  • Text must be at least 6mm high
  • Minimum 5 garments

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