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Printed Promotional Bags

Whether you are hunting for promotional bags UK or printed shopping bags UK you have come to the right place. Branded bags is one of our key promotional product categories. This is an extremely diverse category of business promotional merchandise, covering everything from disposable cheap printed bags to posh personalised bags and luggage for business - and all bags in-between.

Printed paper bags UK and imported

Printed paper bags come in a variety of formats from small printed paper counter bags for sweet shops, chemists printed grease-proof bags for chip shops to luxury laminated rope handle bags for fashion /clothing retailers and printed gift bags A couple of popular styles of printed bags with logo for us are printed tape handle paper bags and printed paper twist handle bags. The paper twisted handle bags being somewhat stronger than the printed flat tape handle paper carrier bags and consequently a bit more expensive. If you need to purchase printed paper bags with logo or design, you may find something suitable on this website which shows an assortment from paper bag printers UK, including paper bag digital printing, screen printed paper bags and also branding bags is sometimes achieved through flexographic printing. When it comes to pricing on branded paper bags, it is best to always contact us for a quote because paper prices fluctuate. Furthermore, we can source from other factories and paper mills not featured on this website including Chinese carrier bag manufacturers and if you need a large quantity and are prepared to wait for shipping from the Far East, you will save a fortune with high quality yet cheap printed paper carrier bags.

Plastic Bags

 There are 2 main materials used for printed polythene carrier bags: LDPE carrier bags (Low Density Polythene) which you’ll find in the smooth type of printed plastic carrier bag you get in high street clothes shops and HDPE carrier bags (High Density Polythene) which are the thin but strong scrunchy type of plastic shopping bag you get in supermarkets. Styles of printed LDPE plastic bags include: basic printed patch handle bags which have a reinforced hole for the handle, printed varigauge bags (These are thicker at the top in order to provide for extra strength at the handle hole). There are also printed flexiloop carrier bags which have loop handles sticking out at the top and duffle bags which have a rope threaded through for carrying over the shoulder. Printed HDPE bags are general vest style bags for bulk production. We add an active ingredient to ensure the bags are biodegradable. All our polythene bags are available in assorted shapes, thicknesses and sizes. A lot of printed polybags, especially bulk quantities, can be imported in order to get the best prices but be aware the lead times could be a few months so order well in advance to make terrific savings on your printed carriers.

Non-Woven PP Promotional Bags

NWPP – Non-woven polypropylene, often referred to as non-woven PP is a versatile, soft -feel material constructed using thermoplastic polymers spun into threads of material which are then heat-bonded together. Printed NWPP Bags are water-resistant, long-lasting, durable and recyclable. They are more economical than equivalent promotional bags such as cotton bags. They have good environmental credentials being reusable, recyclable and many are made at least in part from recycled materials. Check out this branded non woven bag made using recycled plastic bottles. As well as non woven tote bags, we can supply NWPP drawstring bags as well as printed non woven
PP document bags and non-woven PP conference bags for example this one.

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