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Printed Flags and Printed Fabric Displays

Let us help make your advertising fly! Branded custom flags can be a fantastic and uplifting form of outdoor advertising. Modern printing techniques mean that any design can be printed in high definition on a variety of substrates including durable fabrics. As well as cheap advertising flags, they are also popular for eye-catching printed backdrops for bands or for use in Zoom meetings. Fabrics can be used as an attractive alternative to more conventional banners & posters. Printed fabric banners can be supplied complete with, hems, eyelets or pole pockets as required.

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Another use of the technology is for printed conference tablecloths. Great when you want the. impact of full coverage, full colour printed tablecloths perhaps for an academic conference, show or exhibition.

Best Selling Promotional Feather Flag

Our most popular seller by far is our standard feather flag. This full colour printed wind flag is available in 3 sizes and is sometimes called a bow flag, bowhead flag, wind dancer or banner flag. For slightly more money we can also supply teardrop flags if you prefer which has that distinctive tear drop shape but a smaller print area. There are also other shapes available if you have a particular shape of printed wind flag. Please ask – we are happy to help.

Choose the Correct Branded Flag

Please remember, not all printed flags and printed fabric banners are created equal. Some of the cheapest feather flags and also a lot of the more expensive feather and teardrop flags UK suppliers are poor quality and will not last adequately in the UK climate. We have tested our low cost feather flags outside our own shop and have not manage to break or fade one yet after several years of use.

Our flags are affordable because they are made in a specialist factory printing thousands of personalised feather and teardrop flags and other branded polyester displays. Efficiency, bulk purchasing and economies of scale means you can buy high quality printed flags from us for the price of inferior budget flags. The differences are in the vividness and resolution of the print achieved by the modern large format fabric printers which are always run on high quality rather than standard quality settings. This will give your brand that extra punch to grab attention outdoors.

Dye Sublimation Flags

There are no shortcuts when it comes to construction of our dye sublimation printed wind flags either. They are constructed from strong but lightweight 115gsm knitted polyester with all edges double-stitched for durability. The poles of our standard feather flags are constructed from super strong high performance Glass Reinforced Polymer.

When it comes to the wind flag bases, you normally see cross brace with water bag. These flag bases are crap, flimsy and will leak, please do not buy one with a fillable water bag base. Probably for less money we will supply a proper rigid water fillable parasol base. It is lightweight when empty and heavy when filled so more convenient and more stable for indoor and outdoor use. We can also supply specialist bases if you prefer such as floor and wall brackets, car wheel bases and ground spikes for use in fields. All are sturdily manufactured and well priced and fit the flag poles we supply. They are all designed to allow the flag printed with your design to rotate freely in the wind so they can grab the attention of your potential customers.

Key insight for Promotional Flags in 2021

One important thing you need to remember is that the spindle on top of any teardrop flag base needs to be the correct size for the flag pole of your printed flag to fit over. So if you are replacing flag poles or bases only you need to ensure they are compatible. In the past we have managed to source replacement spindles for a university client so that they could adapt their existing feather flag bases to make them compatible with our printed feather flags which saved them a fortune. Let us know if you have an issue like this with your advertising flags UK customers only, we are here to help. Sometimes it is better just to replace the full colour flags. We offer this service too and we can even adjust the flag template to fit the existing poles.

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